Two houses in Fontona di Levanto... who we are

We are a two families born in Fontona, a small village in the valley of Levanto,

of which the town of Fontona is one of the 18 villages present.

Fontona village is about 3km from Levanto and his beach.

The two houses in Fontona belonged to our uncle who was an artisan: he used to built chestnut wood barrels.

La casa del bottaio had been, for a long time, our uncle's workshop, now it is a comfortable studio flat.

La casa di Gemma is a indipendent house, on two floors.

From the village you can find different paths to:

- explore the other villages of the valley;

- reache the Madonna di Soviore Sanctuary;

- reach easly Punta Mesco and the 5 Terre passing by the Gritta col.

In Fontona village you can find the S. Michele Arcangelo church and, near by, the Madonna del Soccorso, build in 1060 a. C., the oldest church of the valley.The Madonna del Soccorso celebration, the 2nd of july.


Fontona da Chiesanuova